IAC Professionals - Accounting & Bookkeeping is not just about the numbers.

There’s a world of difference between our virtual accounting firm and the accountant whose office is in the strip mall down the street from you and doesn’t remember your name.


IAC Professionals - Accounting & Bookkeeping is not just about the numbers.

There’s a world of difference between our virtual accounting firm and the accountant who you meet with once a year to file your taxes and rarely answers your emails in a timely fashion.

What’s the difference?

Your Goals = Our Goals

We actually want to know about and understand your business, so that we can help you achieve your goals.

And we can’t do that by only talking to you about your taxes once a year.

Your time is valuable to us.

We understand that you are an Entrepreneur and your time is valuable so we make sure that we work for you; not you working for us.

And we can’t do that by making you sit in our office lobby for hours and bringing in all your paperwork once a year to sit down and fill out forms.

Your Financial system will work for you.

We want your bookkeeping system to be useful to you and be a tool that you can use in your decision-making, not just tell a story.

And we can’t do that by entering in a bunch of journal entries every period to close the books or by not understanding your revenue model.


We understand the technology you use and how it can benefit you. From integrating your shopping cart into your financial system or helping you manage your accounts payable team through a help desk. We understand it and we’ve got you covered.

And you can’t get that from just any finance firm.

What do you need to know?

We understand your business!

We understand business, and that means your accounting system will reflect your business from an operational and tax perspective.

Efficient workflow

Virtual support keeps work efficient and less costly. Utilizing secure but agile platforms, collaborating via email, Webex and cloud document programs affords us the ability to provide you instant support just as we were in an office next to you, while not costing you $50 per square foot.

Performance-enhancing financial clarity!

We deliver performance-enhancing financial clarity, and that translates to you focusing on your business and not the finance department.

How we help:

  • Accounting System Analysis
  • Accounting System Set Up & Implementation
  • Ongoing Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Service(s)
  • Sales Tax Service(s)
  • Income & Franchise Tax Service(s)
  • Managerial Level Finance Functions – including Process Creation, Staff Training, Budgets, Forecasts, Financial Models & Board Decks
How we help


We specialize in start up businesses and understand the intricacies that are involved.

Raising Capital
We understand that your priority is raising another round of investment and that the financial system(s) are a necessary evil.
Valuations & 409A
We understand that sooner than later you are going to need that 409A and thus your financials need to be up-to-the-minute complete and accurate.
Checks & Balances
We understand that right around the corner is a Balance Sheet and/or Income Statement Audit and a series of random journal entries or adjustments without full detail and tracking is not going to cut it.
Most importantly, we understand the need to work with you to build your in-house finance team and assure accurate, proper and efficient knowledge transfer.
The efficiency of IAC Professionals process for our accounting, finance and tax related needs has far exceeded my expectations. Extremely professional, organized and efficient.
Web Solutions Developer
A very professional process from end-to-end. IAC Professionals is one of the best. Highly recommended. I will use for years to come.
Golf Publication
IAC Professionals understands the intricacies of my business and the importance of proper and clear financials. Most importantly though, they know what my investors need better than I do. I found a gem with IAC.
Accessory eCommerce Start Up
IAC Professionals doesn’t sleep. Literally. For 7 years they have kept careful watch over our accounting systems and tax obligations while responding to emails at all hours of the day and night. I don’t know how to put their value into words, but my company would not have just obtained our latest round of investment at $55M without them.
Clothing eCommerce and Brick & Mortar Company

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